Top 5 Facebook Apps For Your Business

After reading through Social Media Examiner’s “Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page,” I decided to choose the top 5 that I know from experience work great on our page, and hopefully will help yours too.



The first one is a Welcome Page. I feel this is a must-have for any business page. A Facebook Welcome Page can help you convert viewers to friends based on a first impression. Once the app has been added to your page, you will need to use Static FBML to add your custom content. You can find the Welcome Page application here.


Above is Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Welcome Tab. They attract fans with a welcome message that explains the company and what their fans can expect to learn from them. They also give fans an opportunity to sign up for daily emails on the Welcome Page…another clever way to build your contact list.

Facebook Welcome – Reveal Page

If you want to get really fancy, you could try a Facebook Fan Reveal Page for your fans and non-fans. This feature will help you turn non-fans into fans more quickly, by letting the fans see a different screen after they “Like” your page. First, you must give non-fans a reason to “Like” your page. For example, you could offer a discount to an upcoming seminar, a coupon for one of your products, or a publication you have just released that would interest your audience. After the non-fan clicked “Like”, they will then view a new Welcome Page, which would include the content of your choice, but make sure you give them what you promised. If you are interested in this Reveal Page, you can view the article that taught me here. If you have any questions on how to create a Reveal Page for your business, leave a comment below and I can answer any questions.



My  second favorite is the  Social RSS app. This application allows you to connect your blog to your Facebook page. This app will help with time management of your social media marketing by automatically updating your status to your new blog post.

PhotobucketSome other RSS feed applications:



My third personal favorite is the You Tube Channel App by Involver. This application will add a YouTube tab to the top of your page and will post new videos for fans to view. This app comes in handy when you are recording live webinars or have video advertisements.




And #4 goes to Selective Tweets.  This application allows you to select which Tweets you would like to post to your Facebook page. You would do this by adding #fb at the end of the selected Tweet. It’s that easy! At the start of our social media adventure, I was using Facebook’s Twitter App. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this application, and felt like most of the time I would post to Facebook and then have to go to Twitter and delete the post, because the Facebook post was too long for a Tweet.



Last but not least goes to…. Reviews. This app is very important to our business because it allows us to monitor and make changes regarding what reviews have been published about our company. This app is great to show potential clients the great things customers have to say about your business. The best part about this app is, whenever they write a review on your business page, it will get posted to their News Feed and their friend’s News Feeds, gaining more exposure for you!




Well, those are my top 5. Like I said earlier, if you need any help with any of the above apps, or even others that I have not mentioned, comment below and I will do my best to help!


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